Jan. 8th, 2017

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Sunday challenge! Prompt today is: "I don’t want to be human. I want to be myself."
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Sunday challenge time: your prompt for today is:

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Absurd, intelligent, horror, funny and innovative. All characteristics of a television-series which lasted only two seasons. Often carefully the show has been called “The X-files for children”. Not entirely true because The X-files did not exist during transmission (1991-1992). But the nickname reveals a lot about content and quality.

I was merely 20 years old and I thought the programme was fantastic. Every week I looked forward to a new episode (in Holland monday evening 17.30, an impossible time). Was I too old for the show? Too childish? No, of course not. Nobody was too old. And it was definitely not childish. What a ridiculous idea. How is that possible when earlier mentioned five characteristics apply?

With some melancholy I think back to perhaps my most favourite television programme ever. I am talking about Eerie Indiana .

To give you an idea what the series was all about, hereby a short introduction. The main figure was Marshall Teller, a 13 years old boy who just moved with his parents and elder sister to Eerie, Indiana. As from the first day on Marshall is being surprised. Not happily surprised though. The events do not make any sense compared with their surroundings and for this reason he concludes that Eerie is "the center or weirdness from the entire universe". Marshall's adventures, with his younger friend Simon, are confrontations with all kinds of paranormal affairs. Elvis Presley as an inhabitant, being unmortal by tupperware packing, a money machine with emotions, lost in time, a hypnotising school nurse, the bureau of lost stolen stuff, big foot grabbing in the dustbins and a mysterious boy with grey hear are only a few events. And none of them were dreams or child imaginations. There were hard facts supported by unmistakable proof which Marshall and Simon always collected and archived.

As said only 19 episodes were being made in two years time. A flop according to the laws of entertainment industry. And like always caused by low viewing figures. Cold figures did not realize a classic had been produced and NBC cancelled the show.

Too early so it seemed. Eerie Indiana had made quite an impression. So much impression that fanclubs were formed, books written, T-shirts made and all kinds of merchandise offered for sale. Eerie Indiana lived on in the minds of children and adults.

The expectations were high in 1998 when FOX decided to bring new life into the series. ‘A mistake will finally be rectified,’ people thought. However by that time Omri Katz (Marshall) was already 20 years old. Perhaps as a result of that a complete new team was being formed and all original actors, writers and directors were being disposed. Inevitable result: ‘Eerie Indiana: The other dimension’ ended up to be a weak and dull extract. Just a few episodes were broadcasted. ‘The original is a lot more intelligent and also considerably better acted,’ everybody agreed. However together with already existing appreciations the remake had caused that the original Eerie Indiana got pinned up a true cult label. Unlike for example Star Trek it was impossible to recycle Eerie Indiana. ‘What kind of show is that good?’ you are questioning yourself.

Slowly Eerie Indiana has been developed into a phenomenon. The ideal programme in which horror is combined with techniques of old cult movies. Recently a DVD-boxset with all episodes has been released what confirms the special reputation of the show. And 15 years later I am watching all episodes all over again with great joy. Timeless first-class television, it is called.

Apart from that the series produced a lot of youthful acting talent. Justin Shenkarow (Simon), Jason Marsden (Dash X), Nikki Cox (Janet Donner), Tobey Maguire (Tripp McConell) and Danielle Harris (Melanie Monroe) are successful actors. Unfortunately the career of central figure Omri Katz has come to a dead end.
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Wondering what's in store for the coming year? Here's a list of scheduled prompts, challenges and rewatches for 2017. As always, this is not intended to be exhaustive and you should all feel free to post your own prompts, challenges, offers for fanworks or ideas for exchanges.


WIP Wednesday

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Feedback Friday

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Sunday Challenge

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Episode of the Month

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Creature Feature

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Eerie, Indiana Food Fest

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Background Challenge

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Fairytale Challenge

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Non-Canon and Crossover Day

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Full Moons

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Other Moon Phases

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2017:03:20: Spring Equinox

2017:06:21: Summer Solstice

2017:09:22: Autumnal Equinox

2017:12:21: Winter Solstice


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Eerie, Indiana Rewatch 2017/2018:

2017/09/15: 7:30 GMT: Foreverware
2017/09/22: 7:30 GMT: The Retainer
2017/09/29: 7:30 GMT: ATM with a Heart of Gold
2017/10/06: 7:30 GMT: The Losers
2017/10/13: 7.30 GMT: Scariest Home Videos
2017/10/20: 7:30 GMT: Just Say No Fun
2017/10/27: 7:30 GMT: Heart on a Chain
2017/11/03: 7:30 GMT: The Dead Letter (schedule from Dead Letter onwards – DST)
2017/11/10: 7:30 GMT: Who's Who
2017/11/17: 7:30 GMT: The Lost Hour
2017/11/24: 7:30 GMT: Marshall's Theory of Believability
2017/12/01: 7:30 GMT: Tornado Days
2017/12/08: 7:30 GMT: Broken Record
2017/12/15: 7:30 GMT: The Hole in the Head Gang
2017/12/22: 7:30 GMT: Mr. Chaney
2017/12/29: 7:30 GMT: No Brain, No Pain
2018/01/05: 7:30 GMT: The Loyal Order of Corn
2018/01/12: 7:30 GMT: Zombies in PJs
2018/01/19: 7:30 GMT: Reality Takes a Holiday

Hocus Pocus Rewatch 2017:

2017:10:31: 7:30 GMT: HOCUS POCUS REWATCH
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[livejournal.com profile] picfor1000 is now in it's fifteenth year and sign-ups are open until January 31st. Comment here to sign-up.

I feel this is also a good time to remind you all of the awesome fic [livejournal.com profile] deifire wrote for last year's challenge: No Pain, No Fear featuring Dash and Eunice Furnell.
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The Roller Rink on the Edge of Forever, Chapter 4: Knife's Edge
Rating: Explicit
Pairing: Marshall Teller/Dash X
[Content Note: This fic is rated E for reasons. This entire chapter is one of those reasons.]

That his decision-making skills had once again failed him this completely where Dash was concerned he could only blame on the forces of weirdness at work...

Previous Chapters:
1. On the Edge of Adventure
2. On the Edge of a Broken Heart
3. On the Edge of Evening


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