Feb. 21st, 2017

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They were the earliest stories many of us ever heard, and sometimes you didn't realise 'til later how incredibly horrific a lot of them were. It's the 21st of the month, so it's time to think about the type of fairytales the people of Eerie tell their children?

This month's theme is:

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The sky blazed rose and gold as the sun set behind the hills, turning the brambly shrubs into black filigree atop the gentle slopes. The dusk sprites emerged from the secret and shadowed places amidst the tree branches, the twilight hues of their coats making them nearly invisible against the silvery bark.

A dried-up pizza slice sat wedged in a hollow at the base of the tree and the largest dusk sprite approached cautiously, its sharp nose wrinkled and bright eyes inquisitive. It snuffled around the shrivelled offering, plucking at the desiccated anchovies and the suspect slices of sausage with small, clever paws.

A shower of pebbles rained down around it and the dusk sprite screeched in surprise and fright, seizing the pizza slice in needle-sharp teeth as it skittered back up the tree trunk. Derisive hoots of laughter followed in its wake as Lou Bob, Moe Bob and Bob Bob rose from their hiding place behind a rocky outcropping, their pockets bulging with gravel chips and their t-shirts stained and wrinkled from hours spent lying on their bellies in the dirt.

A moment later, a trio of jalapeno slices whirled discus-like from within the foliage. Flying unerringly towards their target, they struck each Bob brother in the eye in rapid succession. The Bobs screamed and cursed, tears streaming unbidden down their cheeks as the tiny weaponised toppings did their spicy work. High up in the tree came a chorus of satisfied chittering.

“Stupid squirrels!” shouted Bob Bob, hurling fistfuls of scree at the overhead branches in a paroxysm of impotent rage. The stone chippings pattered down around them and his older brothers yelled and covered their heads as the missiles stung their upturned faces.

Deep in the sheltering murk created by the dense leaf cover, the dusk sprites jeered.

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From deep within the frosted depths of the heavy-bottomed sundae glass, something hissed.

Marshall and Simon exchanged a doubtful glance, then Mars set aside the long-handled ice cream spoons and picked up a set of heavy-duty tongs, the handles wrapped in layers of curse-insulating duct tape. Simon produced a pair of moustache-sporting safety goggles from the depths of his backpack and handed them over.

On the other side of the lunch counter, Radford’s anticipatory smile faded.

“Something wrong with the special of the day?” he asked.

“Oh no,” said Simon hastily. “Just being careful...”

“It’s popping candy,” said Marshall, relieved.

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