Mar. 28th, 2017

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It's the 28th of the month, and that means it's officially time to talk about all those non-Eerie fandoms that, despite taking place outside of Eerie city limits, still remind you of the centre of weirdness for the entire planet. Tell us about the latest episode of Welcome to Nightvale, your ideas for a Gravity Falls crossover, or what Twin Peaks's Andy Brennan would think of Eerie's Officer Knight. Caught up on Lumberjanes or Paper Girls? Tell us about it. Still not caught up on Eureka, Haven or Sleepy Hollow? Ask us about it. Wondering how Mister Radford and Skip from the 'Burbs would get along if they met in ice-cream making school? Me too!
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Twin Peaks will soon return to television after 26 years off the air, and the producers have gone to some strange lengths to advertise its return. Take, for example, these Missing Posters that have popped up all over Australia. The signs depict the character Laura Palmer, whose murder was the central mystery of the original series. Although her body was found wrapped in plastic in the pilot’s first two minutes and her killer was revealed midway through Season 2, these posters seem to suggest that the Laura Palmer saga isn’t over yet.

To summarize where we left off with David Lynch’s surreal and sprawling plot for the Twin Peaks series (as well as the film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me and The Missing Pieces, a collection of outtakes that add about 74 minutes to the series and are considered canon), here’s what we’ve got…

The series ended with the cliffhanger that FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper, played by Kyle MacLachlan, travels into the Black Lodge, the extradimensional realm, where Laura Palmer’s killer, Bob, has taken refuge. It seems that Cooper has been trapped there for 25 years, and in the real world, he’s been replaced by an evil doppelgänger possessed by the wicked spirit Bob. We are given one glimpse at this evil Cooper in a deleted scene included in The Missing Pieces.

This version of Agent Cooper is very likely the man we’ll see Kyle MacLachlan playing in the new series, perhaps reinvestigating Laura’s murder now that he’s possessed by her killer? Or maybe not, because David Lynch does what David Lynch wants. I mean, have you seen his weird weather forecasts?
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The weather station sat on the northern-most point of the long rocky outcropping that thrust out over Lake Eerie. It had sat unused for many years, and generations of birds and the small creeping things that lived in the forest had made their homes there.

A yellowing poster hung in the cobwebbed window, it’s lamination cracked and peeling with age. A bright cartoon sun in wrap-around shades and a peaked cap turned sideways atop his slicked-back sunbeams invited visitors to identify the various types of cloud visible in the sky above them.

“Is he... riding a skateboard?” asked Sara-Sue, horrified.

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