Apr. 20th, 2017

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The 1990s was a great era and a groundbreaking decade for so many reasons. Music, art, and popular culture took a giant leap forward with the boom in grunge, hip-hop, and rap music. The movies got a huge makeover as technology took over the big screen and CGI pushed movies into never-before-seen special effects. As well as this, the 90s saw the birth of the Internet and social media which suddenly made everything seem possible and it paved the way for the new millennium.

As well as all of that, the 90s also saw the birth of what we now call “binge watching.” Made more popular today by companies such as Netflix, “binge watching” TV shows in the 90s was all about the box sets. Being able to watch our favorite TV shows all in one sitting brought joy to so many. Because of this, TV shows started to really push what they could do and it raised the standards of TV higher than it had ever been.

There was really a TV revolution in the 90s, with so many hits flooding our screens every week that ended up going down in history, like Friends, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and so many others. The TV landscape of the 90s left such a mark on pop culture that today’s TV execs are looking back to yesteryear and reviving many of the old TV shows that we loved. With that in mind, we look at 15 90s TV shows that we think deserve to be back on our screens.

During the 1990s, kid’s TV shows were filled with mystery, spooking goings on, and were just downright scary! While Goosebumps and Are You Afraid of the Dark? were worthy and enjoyable shows, and actually lasted a lot longer that the short lived Eerie Indiana, it’s Eerie Indiana that we feel was the best of the bunch and deserves a reboot.

The show focused on mystery solver Marshall Teller, whose family relocates to the town of Eerie, Indiana. Soon Marshall discovers that Eerie is the centre of all things bizarre and weird. As well as the town being filled with all sorts of strange people, like Elvis being alive and living there, plus people that don’t age because they sleep in Tupperware. Marshall and his friend Simon are faced with spooky mysteries on a weekly basis. The show was smart, funny, and scary. Think X-Files for kids.
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Ever since Alfred Hitchcock popularized the director cameo, audiences expect to see certain filmmakers pop up in small roles within their own films; from Quentin Tarantino to Spike Lee to M. Night Shyamalan, the faces of the directors are as expected as their distinct visual styles.

But what about those directors who enjoy film so much that they want to appear in OTHER people’s movies as well? Here are ten well-known horror filmmakers who have popped up frequently in a variety of films they didn’t make themselves.

Aside from making brilliant films himself, Joe Dante is also a curator of film history (having created Trailers from Hell) and has many friends in the film world who like to put him in front of the camera. Friend and frequent collaborator John Landis put him in front of the camera for Beverly Hills Cop III alongside Eddie Murphy.

Dante and Landis both had cameos in the recent horror anthology Tales of Halloween, and they also both appeared in Sleepwalkers, directed by friend and Masters of Horror creator Mick Garris.

Director Jack Perez, who previously directed the John Landis-produced Some Guy Who Kills People, cast Dante and Landis in cameo roles in Blast Vegas, and Landis even had an in-joke in the credits for his gangster comedy Oscar, in which Joe Dante is billed as Face on the Cutting Room Floor. There have been other small roles, a bodyguard in 1982’s A Time to Die and the cab driver in The Butterfly Room; however, one of his more memorable cameos is in the opening moments of the horror parody The Silence of the Hams, performing alongside some other famous faces as seen here:
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I totally forgot it was the Manx Festival of Steam this week, and so I was fairly surprised to see this coming towards me as I walked home:

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So... weird steampunk timeslip ghost train Casey Jones hats Eerie, anyone?


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