May. 5th, 2017

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It's Friday, Eerie fans, and it's a great time to look back on all the sweet fanworks you've created over the years. Why not revisit some sweet artwork, admire someone's crafting efforts or leave an appreciative comment on an uploaded video?
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Once you have finished watching the first season of Stranger Things and are wondering what to do, Netflix has released the teaser trailer for the second season which will debut in 2017. Titled Stranger Things 2, the teaser has us eagerly waiting the 2017 release.

To initiate the unknown, Stranger Things is Netflix's new original series which is set in the early '80s to thrill hipsters who love '80s and '90s nostalgia. The science-fiction thriller is centered on the disappearance of a young boy and the way his town starts to unravel in mysterious, supernatural ways after he goes missing. The '80s setting allows it to have a great soundtrack and retro vibe which has enchanted many viewers.

Stranger Things also carriers familiar themes of a small town with a strange underbelly and kids who get entangled in supernatural things. If this is your forte, here are a few more retro shows that will ease your pain of waiting for Stranger Things till 2017:

Marshall Teller's family moves to the small country town of Eerie, Indiana. It's the picture perfect small town, but Marshal thinks it is too perfect. Teenagers Marshall and his best friend Simon discover that Eerie, as he puts it, "is the center of weirdness for the universe".

Elvis lives there, so do a pair of twins who stay young by sleeping in Tupperware, and many other strange things. Each episode, Marshall and his friend Simon collect evidence about the creepy things that happen there.

If you miss the small town creepiness of Stranger Things, watch Eerie, Indiana. Though it is a kids show, the show deals with lots of adult themes. Case in point: There's an episode titled Foreverware
that deals with the very adult theme of how humans are trying to pursue their dream of becoming immortal.


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