May. 30th, 2017

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Happy birthday to Omri Katz aka Marshall Teller, born this day in 1976.
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With the explosion of streaming services and entertainment venues, along with a desire to get and hold the attention of the modern viewer, it’s no surprise that many of them have brought back popular and cult series years after their initial run ended. From Arrested Development to Prison Break to 24, networks and content producers embraced the power of recognition. However, unlike other shows like MacGyver and Hawaii 5-0, which rebooted their concepts, these other shows picked up their story years after the initial run, while still telling the same story about the same characters.

Two of the most prominent examples are The X-Files, which returned to FOX with record viewership, and Twin Peaks, earning David Lynch some of the best critical reception of his career. Both are considered horror-themed series, so why not strike while the nostalgia iron is hot and bring back some other beloved horror series? This is a list of other great horror TV series that could make a comeback.

Eerie, Indiana:

A beloved cult show that deserves even more love and admiration than it already receives, the horror-comedy series perfectly portrayed what any adolescent horror fan’s inner world would look like if it sprang to life. It was cancelled in its first season, but reruns on The Disney Channel kept it in the popular imagination for years afterwards and led to another single-season spin-off, Eerie, Indiana: The Other Dimension.

If the original series was about a boy who uncovered the strange secrets of his hometown but no one believed him, bringing the show back with a grown-up Omri Katz playing his character as an adult seems like a perfect continuation. Instead of being the investigating child, perhaps he’s now the creepy adult figure who works out of the local library, still trying to solve decades-old mysteries…


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