Jun. 15th, 2017

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Saturday mornings just haven’t been the same since the 90’s. Waking up early on your own accord, not for school or because your parents made you. We simple couldn’t miss what Wolverine was getting his claws into, what wild adventure Earthworm Jim was on, or who Batman was chasing around Gotham. Its easy to say that Saturday morning cartoons were absolutely amazing in the 90’s. It gave us a chance to break out of the ordinary programming we watched throughout the week and it broadcasted some very unique shows. We were also given some memorable live action shows alongside the radical cartoons, such as: Goosebumps, Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad, Masked Rider, V-R Troopers, Power Rangers etc… These were very entertaining to us as kids but unfortunately a lot of them didn’t hold up over the years. HOWEVER there are a select few that DID. One that stands out the most is a short lived, underrated show called Eerie, Indiana.

Eerie, Indiana was a live action television series from 1991 that centered around Marshall Teller, and his friend Simon Holmes, as they get themselves into some bizarre situations. They would investigate cases around the town of Eerie involving super natural phenomenons, cryptid sightings, extraterrestrial evidence, time travel, and androids. It felt in the same vain as Fox Molder and Dana Scully in the X-Files. It was such a well written and acted show that it didn’t seem like it had a lower budget than most television series at the time. You could definitely tell that the writers and producers were huge fans of horror and the unknown because they referenced classic monsters and cyptids, along with tipping their hats to H.P. Lovecraft and John Carpenter. Each episode ran more like full length movie and it left us wanting more, but unfortunately NBC didn’t buy another season and the last episode aired in December, 1993. It was devastating to see such a great thing come to an end with only nineteen episodes. Fortunately other television stations bought the rights and began to air reruns with their regular programming. Which, in result, established a cult following that didn’t only praise the show but caused the revival of the series!


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