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Marshall Teller, bleary eyed and sleep-rumpled, kicked aside a discarded set of cold-iron chains, stepped over a puddle of oozing star-studded blackness that sometimes but not always took the form of a three-headed hellhound with a penchant for maple syrup, and shuffled over to the coffee pot. Leaning over to rest both elbows on the scarred melamine counter top, he made a futile attempt to push his hair off his forehead as he rested his face in his hands, yawning wide enough to make his jaw ache before opening the overhead cupboard and reaching for the huge novelty mug shaped like a Giants football helmet.

An avalanche of teaspoons rained down upon him, the tinkle of falling metal drawing an irritated chirp from the manticore dozing under the kitchen table. Marshall blinked, knuckling his eyes as his sleep-addled brain tried to process the fact that he was suddenly standing ankle-deep in cutlery. He sighed and switched on the coffee maker before retreating to the safety of a tall barstool, cradling his limited-edition Giants coffee cup in his lap.

The machine gurgled and spat, the smell of brewing coffee gradually filling up the small apartment’s even smaller kitchen. Marshall watched it work, his feet pulled up onto the second rung of the stool, as more and more teaspoons continued to spill from the partially-open cabinet. Already the dingy linoleum floor directly in front of the unit had disappeared under the glittering, clinking cascade. By the time the red light flicked off to let him know the coffee was ready, the tide of silverware had reached half-way up the legs of the table, and the manticore had climbed to the top of the Welsh dresser in a flurry of bristling fur and outraged huffing.

He used the wide-angled mop to clear a path back to the leaking cabinet and poured himself a mug, one arm raised to shield his head from the teaspoons that still tumbled around him. The cupboard door refused to budge when he tried to push it closed, but then, he hadn’t expected it to. He unplugged the coffee maker, moving the now-half empty pot to the kitchen table and storing the rest of the machine in the specially-warded sideboard for safe keeping. Then he pulled the tiny whiteboard and pen from the front of the refrigerator and scribbled a quick note to his housemates.

“Breakfast cupboard cursed. Sudden reappearance of lost spoons, 10+ years worth. Gone to Eeriemat to check on Lodgepoole. Mars.”

Returning the doodle-pad to its usual place between the write-your-own-protective-wards magnetic spelling kit and the rota for checking out water-based crypto-zoological activity, he caught sight of a heavy mountain-root safety harness hanging on the coat rack next to a packet of fire-proof poop-scoops.

“Come on, boys,” he said, reaching for it. “Walkies.”

As the room darkened, the air filling with the smell of sulphur and the deep, echoing rumble of two hellbeasts barking excitedly with all six of their combined mouths, he reflected that a magical menagerie could come in handy if he had to deal with any of the Bureau of Lost’s famously obstructive bureaucracy.


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Date: 2017-07-06 09:07 pm (UTC)
evilinsanemonkey: Kiriya from Kamen Rider Ex-Aide (Default)
From: [personal profile] evilinsanemonkey
i love how resigned mars is to the spoons. just. a thing that happens. whatever. cursed cupboard. just another day.

love this!

Date: 2017-07-06 11:01 pm (UTC)
deifire: (Default)
From: [personal profile] deifire
Yep, that's my favorite part! Just the utter domesticity and matter-of-factness of the whole thing.

Also, the thought of the Lodgepoole's reaction to the hellcreatures...



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