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Brightly coloured fibreglass shards bobbed amidst the gentle swells rolling over the surface of Lake Eerie. White-topped wavelets lapped at bloody chunks of meat scattered amongst the debris, the foaming crests turning pink at the moment of impact.

Melanie Monroe lowered the pair of binoculars slung around her neck. She looked at the slightly faded poster stapled to the electric-powered tiki torches currently lining the boardwalk, and sighed.

“In news that surprises nobody, the Eerie Amateur Canoeist Society will not be meeting next week,” she announced dolefully.

Janet didn’t bother looking up from the salt-bleached chunk of driftwood that she was currently carving into a likeness of a dread sea-beast who had terrorised millennia of sailors, and now retired, wanted a memento to decorate his undersea home.

“Meat confetti on the tide?” she asked.

“Yup.” Melanie flopped down on the bench beside her friend. “The mermaids are out there right now with seaweed baskets and shrimp nets to scoop up the leftovers. It’s like a really messed up aquatic strawberry-picking party.”

“Oh well,” said Janet. “When you take a bunch of novices onto a lake crawling with literal sea monsters, and you don’t think to bring a hunting knife and a road flare, you only have yourself to blame.”

Melanie plucked a tiny driftwood kraken from the pile of finished figures at her feet, twiddling it between her fingers and making it dance over her outstretched knees.

“You ever think maybe you’re spending too much time in close proximity to a body of cursed water?” she asked. “There have to be safer summer jobs.”

“The things under the surface don’t bother me,” said Janet. “Tentacled monstrosities with too many eyes and multiple mouths bristling with fangs are politer and tip much better than most of my customers at the Bait Shop.”

“Well, that makes sense,” said Melanie. “They have easy access to sunken treasure, more disposable income, and don’t understand human currency.”

“Yes,” said Janet. “Plus they place a high value on workers with opposable thumbs.”

“I imagine that comes in handy in the wood-working business,” said Melanie, bumping her shoulder against Janet’s. “See what I did there? ‘Handy’? Get it?”

Janet groaned.

“You should come with me next time I do an undersea exhibition,” she said. “You’d be a huge hit. The only thing Leviathan likes more than opposable digits are bad puns.”

“You’re kidding,” said Melanie.

Janet shook her head.

“I wish I was,” she said. “Something with that many appendages shouldn’t be cracking up over a couple of dad jokes.”

“I think you mean ‘kraken’ up,” said Melanie, waggling her eyebrows.

Janet put her face in her hands.

“I changed my mind,” she said, her voice muffled. “The world doesn’t need you two joining forces.”


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