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It's the 14th of the month, and that's the date we put aside to think about all those amazing minor characters, places, organisations and general backdrop that make Eerie so compellingly watchable.

This month's theme is:

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It's Friday, Eerie fans, and it's a great time to look back on all the sweet fanworks you've created over the years. Why not revisit some sweet artwork, admire someone's crafting efforts or leave an appreciative comment on an uploaded video?
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What have you been working on this week, Eerie fans? Now's the time to spread the word about any fannish treats you've got cooking: a line of dialogue from an upcoming fic, linework for your latest art piece, the yarn colours for a new toy. Let us know in the comments!
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Dave McCabe – Hi. Dave here, the writer and lead designer for The Darkside Detective. Lead dev Tracey (also, my wife) and I lived in Portugal for 6 weeks back in 2016 so when the interview with you guys came in, we were wheeled out of bug crushing hell to chat. Actually, a good portion of the game’s development and design was done in Portugal, in particular most of the final case was designed in a tavern in Tomar. Also during our time in Portugal, we were lucky enough to get to showcased the game at a dev meetup in Lisbon where we got to meet some of your devs and play some of the cool projects being worked on there. Lovely country, great people and exciting projects.

Ricardo Correia – You can’t, and don’t want to hide your main influences on The Darkside Detective. Still, do you want to tell us which are the pivotal games you guys played to create your game?

DM – I think it differs for each of us – the LucasArts games are in there, as are some of Sierra’s fare and a scattering of others. But really, 90s television has had a greater impact – Twin Peaks, The X-Files, Eerie Indiana, The Twilight Zone, The Simpsons, Buffy and so on. To us, the goal was always to build a Springfield-esque town, full of oddball characters, then drop them into Lynchian Americana and see how they got on. We had started work on the game before the 90s resurgence came about, but when we heard many of the shows that inspired the game were coming back, we felt like we were onto something good.

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Eerie has it’s fair share of great places to eat. There’s the Eerie Baitshop and Sushi Bar, the Eerie Bus Terminal and Supper Club, Everything Corn, Grandma’s Kitchen, the Dragon of the Black Pool Restaurant and, of course, the ice-cream counter at the World o’ Stuff.

If you’re more of a homebody, maybe you prefer twenty-year-old bologna sandwiches or buckwheat pancakes made from a ForeverWare recipe. Perhaps a celebrity couple called off their wedding a few days before your birthday and you bought their cake on sale, or you just like adding the prefix “Swedish” to everything you cook, Marilyn Teller-style.

Maybe you really enjoy toast made in a haunted toaster, or maybe you hate it whether or not it comes with bank-robbing ghosts. You could be a member of a corn-worshipping cult whose banquets consist of Cornade (or Cornade Lite), huge bowls of fresh-made popcorn and, of course, hot buttered corn on the cob.

Is your favourite snack a jumbo-sized bag of chocolate milk balls (“the balls that go moo!”) or just a carton of the Eerie Dairy’s finest scavenged from the site of another fatal milk-truck accident? Do you feast on a giant plate of ribs the night before a human sacrifice or serve up a portion of space noodles and moon sauce while you search for UFOs?

Whatever your preferences, it’s the tenth of the month, and that means it’s time for our Foods of Eerie Fest. Are you enjoying a refreshing Black Cow after a long day investigating haunted structures, or baking cupcakes decorated with ravens and eyeballs? Share your recipes, post your pics, get out those Eerie-themed travel mugs and head off for a picnic in some ill-advised supernatural hotspot. Eat something spookily delicious and tell us all about it!


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