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Oct. 30th, 2016 08:57 pm
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Based off a photo that Jason posted of himself a month or two ago. I like to think this is the verse where Marshall has gone to college and Dash is spamming him with yet another selfie....

It'll be a while before a get around to inking and colouring this but I'm really pleased with the effect of it.

What? Is there something behind me? )
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Jason has taken to deleting his Periscope broadcasts the second he finishes them, probably because he likes to film himself doing auditions and can probably get himself in a ton of shit for letting us viewers hear scripts for undisclosed shows. Today, I wonder if he was auditioning for several roles on Bojack Horseman (lots of adult words, but references to characters being animals...)

Anyway, he name checked me twice during the broadcast, which I'm sad I can't rewatch and relive a few more times over, and I also managed to snatch this screen shot before he took it down.

Jason's licence plate from when he lived in LA )
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Work in progress, but still worth showing off as these things take me ages to finish at the best of times...


Now I'm going to order myself a lightbox from Amazon so I can ink and scan this....
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Until midnight PT time tonight, you can get free shipping on mugs, pillows, tote bags, phone cases and mugs. So, if you fancy grabbing one of [livejournal.com profile] lipstickcat's sweet Dash X pillow or Hobo Robo or JaDisArt's amazing travel mugs, this is your chance!
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[livejournal.com profile] lipstickcat already shared her gorgeous Dash X drawing here on the comm, but now you can get him for your wall. Or phone. Or cushion. Or tote bag. Basically, you need smirky Dash X in your life, and [livejournal.com profile] lipstickcat has made this easier to accomplish.

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Remember that fic idea where Marshall went to college but Eerie kinda followed him?

Here's Chapter two

And if you need a refresher of how it started, Chapter one

And Chapter three, which most of you have probably read...
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One of the things that my ex girlfriend brought me at Christmas was an old issue of SFX, which I guess I bought back in 2009 to read on the flight to visit her. She had been flicking through it and saw that there was a piece on Eerie Indiana in it and brought it back over the Atlantic for me (it's a well travelled magazine...)

Photos from the magazine are under the cut. If anyone would like the magazine send me a message, otherwise it's going in the recycling...

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Dash art

Jan. 1st, 2016 02:53 pm
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Sorry I'm awol at the moment guys, I can't wait to catch up on all the festive fic when I'm back. Meanwhile, my girlfriend is visiting and brought me two Eerie related things for Christmas \o/ Here's the first and best - Dash art that she made for me <3 I'm going to frame it and put it in my room <3
Dash! )
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... Yep, you are now in a time machine and going back 6 days for this post....

The prompt was Sleighbells and I have to say this fic makes me feel kinda clever.. XD
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.... So I managed 8 days before I crashed and burned on the challenge. That's pretty good going for me to be honest. I'm not giving up, but I'm behind and i know I'm not going to hit the targets, so from this point in I'm aiming to fill the prompts in a random order. At the very least, I want to fill all the prompts, which also means I'll try to fill the more festive prompts before Christmas, maybe....

Anyway. I said there would be ferrets. So here's a very loose interpretation of the prompt: Santa hats. Imagine its the HP verse and Simon pulled a Malfoy on him...

He is not impressed )
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Oops, I'm a little bit late with this one - I had a teacher training assignment to finish last night. But here it is, my fill for the prompt Culinary Misadventure
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Day five of my calendar, for the prompt Golden Boy

I've been wanting to write this for a while and this was a great excuse. Once again, there will be more of this verse in the future...
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This one was written for the prompt: Winter Chill

I really struggled over what to write for this one, but I liked it in the end.
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Calendar day three: The Letter

Written for the somewhat excited prompt "NOW I WANT A HARRY POTTER AU" XD I don't think this is the last we'll see of this verse....
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For the prompt: "It's another tradition".

You get some Marshall/Dash, Dash/Simon thrown into the mix here. I really enjoyed writing this one, though the end result is a bit messy and needs tidying up if I had more time.

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I love Hillywood! Their parodies are awesome and they've just posted a teaser trailer for their next parody - Hocus Pocus!

It will be epic!

Go check out their YouTube channel and get a taste for what they do so you can all salivate in anticipation along with me!


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