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From a Halforums discussion thread on people's favourite webcomics:

Wilde Life

X-Files meets Eerie Indiana. A guy lives with a ghost from the 50s and has a teen werewolf for a reluctant friend. Everybody in town seems to have a secret.
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Written for [ profile] fffc's October challenge. The prompt I used for this one was "monster: classic and mythological"

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The latest challenge at [ profile] fan_flashworks is "wolf". If you needed an excuse to rewatch Mr. Chaney, now's your chance to get inspired.
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It's the 7th of the month, and that means... CREATURE FEATURE!

Give us fic, give us fanart, give us whatever springs to your mind when you think of our monster of the month:

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Not gonna lie, guys; this is easily one of my top five. I still get really happy when I see Stephen Root in anything, purely because seeing him makes me think of this episode. Without further delay, prepare yourself for the amazing awesomeness of... Mr. Chaney!
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Written for the Full Moon/Harvest challenge:

The full moon is pumpkin-orange and hangs low over the cornfields of Eerie on the night the Harvest King is sent to die.Read more... )
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The Dance Contest

this one was fun. Places I messed up: The "Burn" bit made me laugh. And then I said "uniform" instead of "unicorn" at the end...probably shouldn't podfic after long day of longness

but Deifire's amazing melanie/mars/devon fic is calling my naaaame

maybe tomorrow

maybe I'll sip my cocoa and watch eerie and work on my own fic instead...
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Cycle End (1533 words) by flashforeward
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Eerie Indiana
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Major Character Death
Characters: Simon Holmes, Marshall Teller, Dash X, Radford, Chisel, Ned
Additional Tags: evil simon

Much like the Norsemen have their Ragnarök, Eerie has it's end.


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