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I would always really character myself up like when I went in for, well I don’t know if you’re aware of “Foreverware”; did you ever see Eerie, Indiana? I did two Eerie, Indiana’s, both for Joe. There were two segments and the first one was called “Foreverware” and it was this really funny segment about people who preserve themselves in Tupperware, or “Foreverware”, as in the story. We had to sing and all this stuff and it was just crazy, okay? When I read it I called Joe up, after the audition when I got the part, and I said, “Look, if I’m going to do this I’m going to have to have a wig” and he said, “Why would you have to have a wig?” and I said, “Because I can’t play this character as me. I have an idea, just please I have to have a wig.” He says, “You don’t need a wig.” I said, “Joe, would you just please let me do this?” So he finally agreed, and I went to the hair department and I told them exactly what I wanted. To make a long story short when I was in college back in the day my roommate was Heather MacRae; and if you know Heather MacRae at all she had those blonde bangs with the straight blonde hair, you might remember her from Bang the Drum Slowly; she was wonderful in that. Anyway, she was an old friend of mine and I wanted to play her because she characterized this character for me. So I got this blonde wig that was just like her and I had wardrobe wardrobe me in this sort of lime green A frame dress and white go-go boots, et cetera. I walked on set and Joe takes one look at me and he almost fell over he was like, “Oh my God”. Well, the producers fell so in love with this character that they, two episodes later, brought my character back and gave me a set of twins; and it was in the one called “Hole in the Wall Gang” with Hoyt Axton and they had me standing in the bank with my daughter and she’s dressed with the little blond wig and the green A frame dress and white go-go boots and it was really visually very, very funny.

So, Joe always allowed me a lot of creative freedom; but I always had to audition for him except for in The Howling.
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Your themed episodes for the month of February are "Heart on a Chain" and "The Hole in the Head Gang"
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But of Joe’s films if you asked me my favorite I would have to say all of them. I just love working with Joe because it was always fun. Even in ‘Eerie Indiana’, once he let me have my wig (laughs). Without my wig I would have been dead, by the way. I would have felt too exposed. That wig gave me a character from which to work, you know?

There I was on an episode of 'Eerie Indiana’ called ‘Foreverware’ that Joe wanted me to do (I did have to audition) and when I got the part I thought, “Oh, gosh, this was so unlike me” so I said, “Joe, please, could I have a wig?”

He said, “What are you talking about?”

I just said, “Please, let me have a wig, I really need it.”

At first he kept asking me, “A wig? What do you need a wig for?” and went through his whole kind of conniption before he finally said, “Okay, sure, go see the hair lady.”

So I go into the hair lady and I say, “Look, I kind of want to do a tribute to my ex roommate from college Heather MacRae and I wanted to get this wig with blonde bangs and straight blonde hair and wear this lime green A frame dress with the white go go boots. This is what Heather looked like when I went to college with her so here I show up on set in this wig and outfit and Joe and the producers completely drop to the ground. They loved that character so much that they brought her back for another 'Eerie Indiana’ and gave me twin girls, actually they were used one at a time, as my daughter and gave her a blonde wig to match mine and the A frame dress and white go go boots (laughs).

These are how characters are made. Like I love creating those characters
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Ready to watch the worst bank robber east of the Mississippi completely fail to grasp the point of a free toaster? Grab your DVDs, people; this week's episode is the Hole in the Head Gang.
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Popped into TK Max to see if I could pick up more weird thing. They were all out of weird thing, but check out this monstrosity I found in, unsurprisingly, the clearence section:

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Somebody actually thought that thing was a good idea. Someone legit sat back, looked at that thing, and thought "yeah, people will pay money to put that in their mouths." It looks like the disgusting blob of ectoplasm from the Old Hitchcock Mill scene in the Hole in the Head Gang.
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This is the first episode to feature Dash-X, who’s going to become an important recurring character for the remaining five episodes. We don’t learn a lot about him just yet, just that he’s a young homeless amnesiac with a mysterious past. The plus and minus symbols on his hands that he named himself for aren’t even brought up, therefor the audience doesn’t actually know what to call him yet.

The plot actually starts out tricking the audience into thinking it’s going to be an episode about Dash-X, and therefor that he’s probably just going to be another antagonist of the week: Marshall and Simon go out to investigate a supposedly haunted abandoned mill, only to find that he’s been living there and faking the paranormal occurrences Scooby Doo style. But of course, because this is Eerie, the place does turn out to be haunted anyway - The rest of the episode gets decidedly more comical as Marshall finds himself forced to assist the ghost of an incompetent bank robber (played by Claude Akins, best known as Sheriff Lobo from B.J. and the Bear). Eventually Dash returns, helps resolve the plot, and quickly vanishes to return another day.

The silliness of the rest of the plot could be considered a little anti-climactic after the initial and still unexplained Dash-X hook, but this is actually quite a funny episode. Claude Akins is naturally perfect for this sort of role, and it does lead to some memorable gags.

Side Notes:

The other notable change this episode brings is John Astin replacing Archie Hahn as Mr. Radford, owner of the World O’ Stuff. Mr. Radford is a minor enough character that they could have gotten away with switching actors with no explanation, but they make an amusing gag out of this: It turns out that the “Mr. Radford” we’ve known up to this point is a compulsive impersonator, who tied the real Radford up in the basement and took over the store. The impersonator is dragged out of the store, but the real Radford won’t press charges because the impersonator was a great salesman and drove up business. Even better, Hahn then shows up as a teller at the Eerie bank, which only Marshall notices.

I didn’t remember Dash-X having such Jack Nicholson-esque mannerisms. Maybe it’s something they toned down for the rest of his appearances, maybe it was something I just plain didn’t get as a 12 year old (though I’m pretty certain I had seen Nicholson play The Joker by that point).

As a big fan of this show’s continuity nods, I love that one of the creepy moms from Foreverware shows up as a bank customer.
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It's the 14th of the month, and that's the date we put aside to think about all those amazing minor characters, places, organisations and general backdrop that make Eerie so compellingly watchable.

This month's theme is: the nun in the Bank of Eerie when Mars and Grungey Bill show up to rob it
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Did you know you can play as the worst bank robber east of the Mississippi in post-apocalypse Boston?

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So, after having watched the episode one time too many, I noticed the calendar in the bank in the background of "Hole in the Head Gang" is set to 2/16/92, meaning this might be the anniversary of the trio's first meeting if that could be taken as in any way canonically accurate. Alas, it cannot, because that day was a Sunday, meaning the bank wouldn't have been open.

But I'm posting this little snippet from Syndi's wedding today anyway.

Title: 'Til Death, or The Alternate History of the Old Mill Investigation
Pairing: Dash X/Marshall Teller
Rating: T
Summary: Ten plus a few years post-series. In which Syndi's getting married, Marshall's getting drunk, and Dash is attempting small talk. Which somehow leads to the revelation that not everyone has the same interpretation of certain past events.

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The little Dash hands arrived, and I added some tiny guns and cowboy hats for Grungy Bill aswell.

I also had a stab at a new one for the same episode, but added a hurricane lamp and some bicycles. I've only got the one mill and toaster so they stayed on the original bracelet
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And here it is, the final day of the Twelve Days of Craftmas challenge! This one is themed around Dash's introductory episode, the Hole in the Head Gang. However, it's very unfinished, so I'll probably be posting up more pictures further down the line.

Anyway, here's what I have so far:

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This one has a really cool charm of an old mill (the wheel really spins!) and a toaster with bread slices that actually pop up. There's a couple of milkshake-y things that I'm using as a Black Cow, a skipping rope that I'm using to represent both Mister Radford tied up in the basement, and Grungy Bill tying Simon and Dash up before going to rob the bank. There's also, for obvious reasons, dollar bills and little bags of money.

I'm going to add a pistol charm (of course), some little hand charms (for Dash) and maybe a little sheriff/star charm, if I can find one that I like. Also perhaps torches and cameras, maybe a football helmet to reference their "goonie" helmets. I'll post more pictures as I go!
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If you were going to, for want of a better word, colour-theme the individual episodes of Eerie, what colour schemes would you use and why?

Foreverware: to me, this would be in bright plasticy '50s colours, like you were in a sockhop themed diner, all neon pinks and blues and greens.

Lost Hour: because milk trucks and the Eerie Dairy feature so heavily in this one, I'm colour it blue and white, like the trucks, the milkmans unicorms, and of course the milk itself

Dead Letter: muted pinks and greys and purples, because you see Mary B. wearing pale pink in the flashback, and because the whole episode is a viewed through a nostalgia filter from Tripp's POV, and to me nostalgia reads as a sepia tint on everything, the colours would be a little faded and washed out

Mister Chaney: all the autumn colours. Golds and reds and orange and dark green and deep brown. It's an episode about the harvest and the changing of the seasons, soto me that makes sense.

Broken Record: red and black, like the Pitbulls album covers and the new look that Todd adopts.

Loyal Order of Corn: bright greens and yellows, like the uniforms of the Order themselves

Scariest Home Movies: greyscale. Blacks and whites and greys of various shades, like the old b&w movie Harley gets sucked into.

Marshall's Theory of Believabily: deep dark blues like the night sky, and silver for the ufos, the stars, and Professor Nigel Zircon's Travelling Museum of the Parabelievable.

What about you guys?
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It's Halloween, and how better to celebrate than by watching Dash X make his big introduction... as a guy in an old mill trolling the local paranormal investigators? Sit down, and accept that your policy about guns will never ben respected, and watch the Hole in the Head Gang


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