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Today's prompt fills
Pairings: N/A [Well, there's background Marilyn/Edgar in one (another canon-era fill!) and a certain amount of coupling going on in another, but otherwise...]
Rating: T

Prompt fill: outdoor sex

Prompt fill: love

Prompt fill: hot tub

Full challenge rules and all fills from the beginning
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Today's prompt fills
Pairings: Mars/Dash; Simon/unnamed character
Rating: M (Overall. This is turning out to be that sort of table row.)

Prompt fill: tabu

Prompt fill: orgasm

Prompt fill: flirting

Full challenge rules and all fills from the beginning
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I'm doing Eerie, Indiana fills for the [community profile] fffc 30 Prompts = 30 Sentences challenge over at my journal.

The rules: "In May it will be your mission to write 1-sentence-stories for given prompts. Longer fills are not accepted, but you are free to abuse dashes and semicolons if needed ;)"

The Full Prompt Table

Fills So Far
Pairing(s) so far: Dash/Mars
Ratings: T-to-M (will upgrade if fills warrant)
Additional tags: Future Fic

1. against the wall
2. all day naked
3. burning desire
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Written for the [ profile] fffc First Froday Madness Special. The theme of the challenge was "minor characters and rare pairs".

Title: Populace
Fandom: Eerie, Indiana
Minor Character/s: The Eerie High School Basketball Team, the Unkind Ones, Bert and Ernie Wilson, the Creepy Garbage Guys, Janet Donner, Mayor Chisel, the Canine Arrest Team, the widow of Mister Dithers the Dog Catcher, some background members of the Canine Revolution, Miss Eerie and her Court, the older brother of either Nick or Eddie, Stanley Binkerman, Officer Derek, somebody from the Eerie Dairy, a delivery boy for the Eerie Examiner, a gun-toting mailman and (maybe) Fred Suggs.
Rating: PG
Words: ~1500
Challenge: FMS01: Minor Character
Summary: A normal, average, unremarkable day in Eerie
A/N: I couldn't pick one minor character to write about, so I went into the tag page, looked at the least-used character tags, and went from there

Read more... )

Read the rest of the Janet series here )

Read the rest of the Children series here )

Read the rest of the Milkman series here )


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