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my E,I/E,I:TOD crossover fic haha. Not really sure on the EI:TOD policy on here...But hey, it's a crossover so it still counts, right? I just have so much love in my heart for Mitchell Taylor...

#134 - Introduction to The Marshall Problem (3683 words) by miss_nettles_wife
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Eerie Indiana, eerie indiana: the other dimension
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Marshall Teller/Dash X
Characters: Mitchell Taylor, Dash X, Marshall Teller, Stanley Hope
Additional Tags: Crossover, Guns, Monsters, evidence locker, possible future dash x/mitchell taylor

#134 was the first time Mitchell was forced to take drastic action. It was also the first time he met that weird kid with grey hair, the first time he ever broke his nose, and the first time he ever ran for his life in an abandoned refinery on the edge of town in the middle of the night.


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Live action show about a high school or middle school student that keeps having sci-fi scenarios happen to him. Probably from the late 90's or early 2000's. Aired in Canada. Here are some episodes I remember.

1) He orders a machine from a newspaper. When he gets the machine it is just a decorated cardboard box. He goes to the newspaper office and complains. The newspaper employee shows him that the fine print of the ad says that the machine may not look as advertised or do the things the ad saids it can. The employee then smugly saids that everything that their paper saids is true (turns out the newspaper makes things that are written in it true somehow). Some time later they are asking the protagonist how many people should die in a story they are writing. The employee thinks it should be eight because it sounds sadder to him. He asks the protagonist the question like this "what do you think sounds sadder, fourteeen or eiiiight."

2) The protagonist's older sister meets a woman that makes beauty products. At some point the sister willingly allows herself to have a plastic mask affixed to her face (she also wears a blonde wig, and maybe a pink dress that matches the woman's aswell). She looks like she is in a Halloween costume. The brother narrates "when some one loves you they'll sometimes call you a doll, but now I'm afraid that [woman's name] is trying to make my sister into her plaything." The mask will break if the sister thinks too hard. The brother decides to give her a math problem to solve (as she has a love for math). She does the math problem, the mask cracks and she peels it off.

Jormis29: Could it be from Eerie Indiana: The Other Dimension?

dutchguy1986: Something like 2 definitely happened in Eerie indiana: the other dimension, but I think 1 was from the original series, not sure though.

Jormis29: 1 sounds like "The Newsroom" episode

Yam: It was Eerie Indiana: The Other Dimension. Thank you.
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Look at this joystick thing Mike got for the new Tekken game and tell me this won't turn my telly into an intergalactic portal/strand me in an old black and white horror movie while a clasic universal monster roams around my flat/send me to an alternate reality where my life is a (really boring) TV show/create a terrible Canadian spin off version of me.

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Seriously though, if you don't hear from me for a few days, flip through the satellite channels and make sure I'm not there, okay?
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Eerie, Indiana is an American television series that aired on ABC from 1991 to 1992 and then on syndication on FOX from 1997 to 1998. The series was created by José Rivera and Karl Schaefer, with Joe Dante serving as creative consultant.

The show revolves around Marshall Teller, a young boy whose family moves to the desolate town of Eerie, Indiana, population of 16,661. While moving into his new home, he meets Simon Holmes, one of the few normal people in Eerie. Together, they are faced with bizarre scenarios, which include discovering a sinister group of intelligent dogs that are planning on taking over the world, and meeting a tornado hunter who is reminiscent of Captain Ahab. They also confront numerous urban legends such as Bigfoot and a still-living Elvis Presley. Although the show was host to a plethora of jokes, it also featured a serious X-Files-like tone. After thirteen episodes, one of which did not air during the network run, the series was retooled with Jason Marsden's "Dash X" added to the cast, and Archie Hahn's Mr. Radford is revealed to be an imposter, with John Astin revealed to be the "actual" Mr. Radford. The final episode was a tongue-in-cheek, fourth wall breaking sequence of events depicting Dash X's attempts to take over as star of the show.

In 1998, a spin off series was produced, Eerie, Indiana: The Other Dimension. The series was filmed in Canada, and focused on another, younger boy while still following the concept of the original show. The spin off was short-lived, and only lasted one season. The first episode of the latter show, "Switching Channels", features a crossover between the two shows via a TV set.

I remeber this show scaring the crap out of me in the early 90s. Anyone else watched it? It's out on DVD and you'll find most - if not all - of the episodes on a certain popular video-hosting site.
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(yeah I totally didn't know that until I saw this tweet, so credit were it's due...)


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