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my E,I/E,I:TOD crossover fic haha. Not really sure on the EI:TOD policy on here...But hey, it's a crossover so it still counts, right? I just have so much love in my heart for Mitchell Taylor...

#134 - Introduction to The Marshall Problem (3683 words) by miss_nettles_wife
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Eerie Indiana, eerie indiana: the other dimension
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Marshall Teller/Dash X
Characters: Mitchell Taylor, Dash X, Marshall Teller, Stanley Hope
Additional Tags: Crossover, Guns, Monsters, evidence locker, possible future dash x/mitchell taylor

#134 was the first time Mitchell was forced to take drastic action. It was also the first time he met that weird kid with grey hair, the first time he ever broke his nose, and the first time he ever ran for his life in an abandoned refinery on the edge of town in the middle of the night.


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SO I'm finally pleased with the first chapter of my first Eerie Indiana fic of any length. Here's to hoping it makes sense outside of my head haha.(Even though there are more characters in future chapters, this chapter only includes 4)

The Great Vanishing Act of 1994 by miss_nettles_wife
Chapters: 1/?
Eerie Indiana
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Marshall Teller/Dash X, Edgar Teller/Marilyn Teller, Simon Holmes/OFC
Characters: Simon Holmes, Dash X, Marshall Teller, Marylin Teller, Edgar Teller, Melaine Monroe, Sara Sue, Syndi Teller
Additional Tags: Time Travel, Angst, alcohol consumption, Supernatural Elements, WIP, relationship dynamic changes, happily married couple, Burns, Disabled Character

1994: Marshall Teller vanishes without a trace the same night the Old Hitchcock Mill burns down.
2004: Marshall Teller returns the same night the Old Hitchcock Mill burned down ten years ago.
Which would have been great, if not for one tiny, little, itty bitty issue. He hasn't aged a day.

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Fic title: Night Time, My Time

Dash X has a life beyond Marshall Teller and Simon Holmes and their never-ending struggle against the forces of weirdness. And he doesn’t need anyone’s approval to go live it. Despite what a certain amateur paranormal investigator seems to think. Tonight, he’s going to have an adventure, make some money, and go to sleep in his own apartment. Alone. Or at least without Teller.

No matter how weird things get.


Title: That One Time (forgot about all the others)

It was one time at Martinsville…and one time at Bristol…and one time at Richmond…and now, four on-track incidents, two fist fights, one snarky meltdown in the media center, and an accidentally-opened portal to the underworld in the Talladega infield later, the feud between NASCAR superstar Marshall Teller and his Eerie Racing teammate, mysterious new driver Dash X is dominating conversation in the garage. Marshall just wants to win a championship. Dash just wants everything Marshall has, including his long-time crew chief Simon Holmes, who Marshall’s just been informed will be moving to Dash’s team next year.

Is Eerie Racing doomed? Or will these two be able to get over themselves and each other before everyone’s season goes to hell—literally?

Fic Title: "The Night the Lights Came On"

The North American bat bass: part bat, part fish, mostly completely made up marketing campaign. At least, that’s what everyone always thought, even after reports of flying fish menacing campgrounds near the Bristol Motor Speedway. And then the bat bass developed a taste for human blood.

They come out at night. They’ve learned to kill. And sometimes their victims come back, still holding season tickets.

Now, a couple of FBI agents, a trio of paranormal investigators from Indiana, a pair of brothers in an Impala, a family from Gravity Falls, Oregon, and one semi-retired NASCAR driver are on the case. Some will find out the truth. Some won’t survive. But motorsports radio announcers Ben Arnold and Sammy Stephens will be there to cover it all in “The Night the Lights Came On,” a NASCAR/X-Files/Eerie, Indiana/Supernatural/Gravity Falls/King Falls AM crossover.
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Written for the Sunday Prompt Challenge (even though it hasn't been sunday here for 2 and a half hours) 'COMA'
[warnings: nothing you wouldn't find in any other Eerie fanfic]
Side note: this is the first fic ive finished in 3 months so please excuse how rough it is haha

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Algernon the Invincible, all six foot eight inches and three hundred pounds of him, glistened beneath the hot white glare of the spotlights. His exposed skin was slick with baby oil and he stood tall and proud in his costume of gold and purple lycra. Around him, the screams of the crowd faded to a dull roar. Old Scratch slumped limply against the ropes, his horns askew, his face streaked with black and red where his makeup had run. Behind him, a rectangle of pulsing light hung in the air, the heat haze coming from within it making the image swim and buckle.

Algernon rushed forward, seizing the labouring devil with both hands. The other-worldly portal grew brighter, the temperature rising to almost unbearable levels as Algernon pushed forward, straining against his opponents' infernal strength. Behind the incandescent glow, something moved, dark and amorphous, and for a moment Algernon believed he could hear more than just the noise from the audience. He frowned, the motion pulling his gloriously waxed moustache down, and shook his head to dispel the troubling thought.

He lifted the King of Hell, his knees bending under a burden that seemed at odds with the Adversary's slight build, and pitched him through the shrieking gateway. The light snapped off, and Algernon was alone in the ring, illuminated only by the pale blue-green glow of the emergency lighting.

Satan was gone. The entrance to the Netherworld had been closed. The fans cheered and whistled and stamped their feet, while home-made placards waved madly in the murky, smoke-filled air.

"That was so fake," said Syndi Teller, pausing by the front door. She gave the television an incredulous look, shaking her head at the two boys who still knelt in front of it.

"Shows what you know," Marshall shot back.

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Syndi Teller, swathed in a thick, fluffy bathrobe the colour of the summer sky, stepped out into the hallway. Her bare feet left damp prints on the short-pile carpet as she padded downstairs, using a small hand towel to pat her dripping hair as she walked. Abruptly she stopped, running her fingers through the wet and tangled mass, and cursed.

"Shampoo bubbles again?" asked her brother from his seat on the couch. He didn't so much as glance up from his magazine as he spoke.

"Yeah," said Syndi, turning back towards the staircase. "I think it's this new brand Mom's been buying, I can never get all the lather out on the first try."

"You know," said Marshall, setting aside his comic book and turning to look at her over the back of the settee, "There could be a way around it-"

"Marshall, if you're about to tell me that the ghost of Hans Schwarzkopf is hanging about in our shower and I need to sacrifice a plate of bratwurst to get him to keep his foamy leavings out of my hair, I don't want to hear it."

Marshall looked hurt.

"I was going to say, use the massage setting on your hair before you put the shampoo on, so it's really wet," he said. "That's all."

"Oh," said Syndi. "Sorry."

Marshall laughed.

"I was just messing with you," he said. "It's probably a nuisance imp jamming up the water flow. Put some beer in the bottom of Mom's mixing bowl and leave it outside the stall next time you're in there. It should fall in and drown."

He went back to his magazine. Syndi stood for a long moment, one hand resting lightly on the bannister, staring at the back of his head.

She turned, heading for the kitchen.

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(takes place directly after "Hangover")

"Hold up, Simon," Marshall called, balancing awkwardly on one leg. "I think I've got something in my shoe." He tugged at the white and gold laces of his Sky Monsters "Slammin' Summer" limited edition tennis shoes, which were already frayed to breaking point despite only being three weeks old.

While Simon waited, Marshall pulled the offending trainer loose and upended it, unleashing a torrent of sand, shale, and the occasional limpet shell that should not have been able to fit in there.

"I guess Harley's still mad about the sandcastle competition," he said. Simon winced, reaching for the thick white bandage that swathed much of his right arm, but managed to stop himself before he actually touched the wound.

"Looks like it," he agreed. "Although I'd be less worried about him filling your sneakers with gravel and more about the fact that he chewed a giant hole through the heel."

Marshall tilted the Sky Monster to get a better look at the ragged-edged gash torn through the electric-blue sole.

"Nah," he said. "That's just wear and tear. And mudsnakes, but mostly it's just from walking around and riding my bike and stuff."

"Maybe you should try another brand," said Simon.

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