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This is the same pattern I used on my Eerie mugs, although it didn't print as bright on the canvas as it does on ceramics:

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I know that in the grand scheme of things it really doesn't matter to anyone but me, but I noticed a scratch/stain/defect on my copy of The Loyal Order of Corn. I imagine it came from the master reel, makes me wonder what happened too it. Since Eerie was shot on film, I really should have expected something like this to crop up, lol. I've spotted a couple little ones in my continuing mission to gif every single Dash/Marshall interaction, but nothing quite so big. Just thought someone else might find it as interesting/amusing as i do!

an image of Marshall and Simon, there is a white mark on the bottom of the image caused by a defect in the master.
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Saw this image set on my dashboard and thought that it may be of interest :-) 

As said by Spookysouthwest: 

I’ve traveled to a lot of unique places around the Southwest, and I’ve seen plenty of strange things. But believe me when I say that nothing I’ve encountered so far has made me quite so uncomfortable as this creepy hotel in the tiny town of Tonopah, Nevada, 200 miles from Las Vegas.

What a profound mystery. Is it owned and operated by clowns? Is it open only to clowns and clown truckers driving very tiny trailers? What’s the rate for 16 clowns in one room? Why is it located directly next to a graveyard?


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