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I have discovered some amazing new shows as a result of being a part of this fandom - [ profile] scheherezhad told me about Welcome to Night Vale, more recently [ profile] eviinsanemonkey told me about Carmilla and Gravity Falls, and I rediscovered the Burbs in my twenties because a friend described it to me as "the most Eerie, Indiana movie you're gonna see until they make an actual Eerie, Indiana movie". Then, once I bought the Burbs, Amazon was like, "Hey, do you own Monster Squad? You'll totally like Monster Squad." Good call, weird Amazon sales metrics thing.

So, my question is, what do you watch or read or listen to when you've seen all of Eerie for the umpteenth time, and want something new that has a similar vibe to it?
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Okay guys, who here has been listening to Welcome to Night Vale?

If you haven't, it's an on-going podcast that is available for free on iTunes, and you need to get on that right now.

I'm posting about it here because I was persuaded to take the plunge when scheherezhad told me it was a) awesome and b) absolutely RIPE for a crossover with Eerie, Indiana.

I'm not totally sure the cut function works on LJ mobile, and having just had an awesome few days discovering this world for myself, I don't want to ruin it for anyone else with spoilers, but let's just say she was TOTALLY RIGHT, and skip straight to getting some chatter and plot bunnies generated in the comments.



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