Apr. 1st, 2017

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Your themed episodes for the month of April are "Just Say No Fun" and "The Losers"
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Easter Weekend is two weeks away, and it's a time for giant chocolate effigies, lagomorphs displaying unlikely behaviour, and of course the raising of the dead. Let us know what pastel-hued horrors await the good people of Eerie!
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We all know how much Mars and Simon enjoy a good prank, so how about some fanworks themed around their April Fools Day antics?
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We’re rewatching Z Nation on Netflix, and today we’re looking back at when the show hits a new high in episode 112 “Murphy’s Law”.

The “Operation Bite Mark” gang comes across a Country Club, filled with “middle-class” zombies. After trapping themselves inside the clubhouse, things get a bit dicey. They are quickly aided by a few new strangers, that once again are too nice to be true.

Zombie golf, anyone?

Meanwhile, Murphy (Keith Allan), who can walk amongst the zombies, practices his golf swing. This leaves the newbies to question why he can do this, and they develop a scam of their own.

Murphy’s big mouth gets himself kidnapped by the new gang, however, he devises a plan to leave a “trail of crumbs.” With the help of a random spy cam, he leaves clues for Citizen Z to lead his friends back to him.

It so happens that the kidnappers want Murphy to waltz into a horde of crazed zombies, at an untapped drug lab, so they can load up on OxyContin. Upon arrival at Mesa Pharmaceuticals, they find the zombies tearing about and it’s clear that they have consumed different drugs, from speed to Viagra! Plus, Murphy discovers that he has some more tricks in his blood stream. He’s evolving into something else.

Aided by Citizen Z, and an errant road sign, of course the gang find Murphy and help him to escape the trouble he’s in. They also get a first-hand look at his new power.

They then use a radio in the office to talk with Citizen Z. He informs them that he discovered that Dr. Merch (Lisa Coronado), whom they need to see in California, may not have made it all the way there herself. So, he redirects them Fort Collins Colorado for the next and final episode of season one.
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Conjurer’s Kitchen is proud to celebrate the King of Horror’s culinary legacy by drawing from those tomes to call forth gastronomic ghosts of kitchens past in this Birthday Bash at Birmingham’s Electric Cinema, which will take place over the weekend on what would have been Vincent’s 106th birthday (he was born on 27 May 1911).

Our special guest will be Vincent and Mary’s daughter Victoria Price, an author and inspirational speaker, who will pay tribute to her dad with a very personal presentation, and talk about his cultural legacy of inspirational living, dining, and exploring the world.

Expect classic clips, tasty bites, and a few surprises!

Legendary horror actor Vincent Price is best remembered for his delightfully scary turns in such classic fright fests as House of Wax, The Fly and Theatre of Blood – and also being the voice of Michael Jackson’s Thriller and an inspiration for fantasy directors like Tim Burton.

But Vincent Price was also a Renaissance man with omnivorous appetite for life, art, travel – and fine food. In fact, in the 1960s, the ghoulish gourmand and his wife Mary published a number of celebrated cookbooks – including the lavish best-seller, A Treasury of Great Recipes, featuring a host of Mad Men-era treats, and Come Into the Kitchen, which was devoted to traditional American cuisine. Both of these gastronomic tomes have been given lavish reprints, while Cooking Price-Wise, based on the actor’s British 1970s TV show, will be back in print later this year.


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