Apr. 6th, 2017

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Dark chocolate and mango hot chocolate with orange and black sprinkles in an Eerie Trio mug by JaDisArt

Vanilla cupcakes with white and milk chocolate swirl icing, skull and pumpkin sugar shapes and ghost-topped cocktail sticks

Marshall and Simon FunkoPops by JaDisArt

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The cultists who lived in the run-down rental property down the road had run into the street and were currently blocking traffic as they fell to their knees and wailed. A half-dozen milk trucks had been dispatched to deal with the obstruction, but even a team of Eerie’s most senior Dairy Produce Distribution Specialists were having trouble.

Most of the cult members had already clawed out their eyes, and their screams drowned out the warning honks of the approaching fleet. To make matters worse, the heavy black robes of the mowed-down pedestrians got tangled in the wheel axels and the cultist’s non-human anatomy made them distressingly resilient to high-speed impacts.

“I hope you’re proud of yourself,” said Simon, in a tone of voice that indicated the exact opposite.

Harley stepped over the broken fragments of a toppled altar, tracking blood and flavoured butter-substitute in his wake. He was holding a yellow-white tentacle of bubbly and uneven appearance, and he met his big brother’s gaze without flinching as he raised the severed limb of an eldritch horror to his mouth and took a bite.

“Dang it, Harley,” Simon exploded. “Why do you always have to go around eating other people’s Gods?!”

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