May. 14th, 2017

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It's the 14th of the month, and that's the date we put aside to think about all those amazing minor characters, places, organisations and general backdrop that make Eerie so compellingly watchable.

This month's theme is:

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It's Mothers Day, probably quite a fraught time in Eerie. No doubt Marilyn Teller is at this moment taking delivery of some ill-advised plant hybrid from Eerie Nurseries or trying to saw through a stack of flapjacks made with Things Incorporated's new petroleum-based instant batter. Tell us what Mother's Day looks like in Eerie; is Steve's mum dealing with her anger over the lost retainer and the fact that her child was most likely eaten by dogs? How is Mrs. Donner doing after the miraculous return of her eldest daughter? Is Betty Wilson roaming the attic of Bert and/or Ernie's new home or waiting out the years in a deep freeze, plotting her revenge? We know Winifred Swanson has a little girl; what does their version of Mother's Day entail? Do the other Foreverware Ladies have kids? How about Melanie's mum, or Devon's? Is Sara Sue's mum really in Paris? Are the American Gothic couple still grieving the loss of their son, the 1979 Harvest King?
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Sunday challenge time: your prompt for today is:

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Check out these awesome chocolate jackalopes by LindyPopChocs!

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I didn't actually ask for the shamrock on the milk chocolate model, but given the whole Dash vs Leprechauns headcanon, I wonder if those deadly warrior-rabbits have taken against him...


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