Jun. 13th, 2017

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So many memorable childhood television shows stick to us to this day. How many references do adults today still know by heart from Pokemon, Rugrats, or Boy Meets World? It’s almost heartwarming to know that media has influenced people in some special, positive way as children.

On the opposite spectrum, how many memories can one summon of disturbing imagery they have once seen on a television show, particularly one targeted for a young audience? Did you ever find yourself suddenly stuck with the Mr. Blobby song in your head, but couldn’t quite place where it came from?

It’s borderline crazy how many nightmarish children’s shows out there were even aired, let alone enjoyed by anybody of any age. Maybe you’d rather just forget the haunting uncanny valley imagery of Jay Jay the Jet Plane— unfortunately, we found fifteen different creepy kids’ shows that are sure to keep you up at night as an adult.

If you were disturbed by the pool monster in Are You Afraid Of The Dark or low-key traumatized by Noseybonk’s oddly phallic garden from Jigsaw, then this is definitely the list for you.

At the risk of sounding like a hipster, only 90’s kids will probably remember the American television series Eerie, Indiana. The series has a resurgence on the internet briefly in the early 2010s, with many adults reminiscing on how unsettling the series was, without being able to place exactly why.

The nineteen episode show followed Marshall Teller, a teen who moves to the ghostly town of Eerie, Indiana. Throughout the show, Marshall and his only somewhat normal friend Simon encounter many strange scenarios.

Such creep-tastic themes in the show include urban legends, evil dogs, doppelgangers, and a whole lot of self-aware meta action. Marshall’s dream sequence in “The Dead Letter” is a noteworthy disturbing scene. Eerie, Indiana is yet another children’s series that feels more like David Lynch than anything else


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