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Happy birthday to Omri Katz aka Marshall Teller, born this day in 1976.
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Thanks to Topless Robot a show that was buried deep in my memories has come back to the surface. I am talking aboot Eerie Indiana.

I honestly didn't even remember watching this show. I recognized the title but that was it. After all, during its initial run I was only like 2 years old. So i figured that I had no reason to remember it. But I am pretty sure that re-runs played on Saturday morning either on CBC or YTV.

Like I said, I didn't remember watching the show until TR decribed one particular episode: Foreverware. It is aboot this mom who seals her twins in giant tupperware every night so that they can live forever.

This was all too familiar. So I continued to read the list they compiled and all the memories just came rushing back. Luckily for me, ALL the episodes are on Youtube so I watched them over the span of 2 days.

So Eerie Indiana the story of Marshall Teller and his kid friend Simon. The Tellers recently moved to Eerie from New Jersey and Marshall notices that Eerie is weird. Very weird. Like the centre of weird for the whole planet. So Mars & Simon investigate and archive different events around Eerie. Unfortunately, this show only lasted 1 season because it was good and too smart for idiot children to understand.

My favourite episodes include:
Loyal Order of Corn
The Lost Hour
Reality Takes a Holiday
The last one on that list is the season finale and is totally mind-blowing! Like I said, all the episodes can be found on Youtube or you can buy the DVD set.

One last thing needs to be discussed. The crushes that were developed thanks to this show. So first up we have Marshall. I definitely had a type when I was a kid (still do today) and he fit it perfectly. He was a slightly nerdy, brown-haired kid and his hair was not cute too short.

Yes, I did have a crush on him, and seriously, what girl wouldn't??

But then in the second half of the series came along a bad boy with grey hair. At first I thought he was a total ass (he was) but he was also mysterious.

This was Dash X. Named after the mysterious symbols on the back of this hands. We had no idea who he was or where he was from. And most importantly, why he had grey hair. What we did know was that he loved money, was both a friend and foe to Mars & Simon, and spoke in a sexy Christian Slater-type voice.

This was a very tough decision. How was a girl to choose. Well, I couldn't. They were total opposites and total foxes (for kids). Fun Fact: Omri Katz who plays Marshall was the star of the awesome movie Hocus Pocus and Jason Marsden (Dash X; not related to James Marsden) provided the voice for Thackery Binx (the cat) in the movie. And so the struggle continues.

I highly recommend checking this show out if you've never seen it. And if you have seen it, watch it again for some good ol' nostalgia.
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I have no idea what Denim and Diamonds is, but it sounds 80s as fuck so I'm there for that. Anyway, have a twenty-five year old publicity shot of Omri Katz posing awkwardly at a party!



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