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The honeysuckle in Deadwood Park was in full bloom, the sweet, heady scent of the blossoms hanging in the warm evening air. Fat black and yellow bees danced a slow buzzing waltz around the white flowers, their flight paths spelling out sigils of arcane power dedicated to the Hive. White-shrouded beekeepers stood by with notebooks open, pens gripped clumsily in heavy gloves, awaiting their orders.

From his protective shelter deep inside a clump of ornamental grass, Marshall Teller also watched and took notes. His gaze skimmed across what he’d already written and he rolled his eyes.

“Chimpbee: the Animated Series.”

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Written for the [ profile] fffc First Froday Madness Special. The theme of the challenge was "minor characters and rare pairs".

Title: Populace
Fandom: Eerie, Indiana
Minor Character/s: The Eerie High School Basketball Team, the Unkind Ones, Bert and Ernie Wilson, the Creepy Garbage Guys, Janet Donner, Mayor Chisel, the Canine Arrest Team, the widow of Mister Dithers the Dog Catcher, some background members of the Canine Revolution, Miss Eerie and her Court, the older brother of either Nick or Eddie, Stanley Binkerman, Officer Derek, somebody from the Eerie Dairy, a delivery boy for the Eerie Examiner, a gun-toting mailman and (maybe) Fred Suggs.
Rating: PG
Words: ~1500
Challenge: FMS01: Minor Character
Summary: A normal, average, unremarkable day in Eerie
A/N: I couldn't pick one minor character to write about, so I went into the tag page, looked at the least-used character tags, and went from there

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The toilet block on the northern edge of Deadwood Park writhed with graffiti.

Stall doors creaked to life and slithered off their hinges, accompanied by cries of dismay from the stalls’ hapless occupants. The corrugated metal roof flexed like a set of giant moss-encrusted wings, support struts shrieking as it tore free of the thick stone walls. A half-dissolved urinal cake sprouted a screaming inhuman face and shrieked imprecations at a terrified Stanley Binkerman.

Moe Bob, Lou Bob and Bob Bob, their trigger fingers crimson with spilled droplets of aerosolised paint, gaped at the vision before them. Then they ran.

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