Feb. 4th, 2017

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Eerie Indiana is all about Marshall Teller [Omri Katz from The John Larroquette Show, Freaks & Geeks and Matinee], who lives in the strangest town in the world.

He and his best buddy Simon Holmes [Justin Shenkarow from Picket Fences, Lloyd In Space and Recess] are pretty much the only ones who notice or at least admit that all this weirdness is going on.

So they take it apon themselves to Mulder and Skully the place and keep track of the craziness they find. The rest of the cast is phenominal too, including Mary-Margaret Humes [from Manimal, The A-Team, Hunter, Night Court and Time Trax] as Marshall's hot mom Marilyn, Francis Guinan [from Alien Nation, Dark Skies, Sliders, That 70's Show, Star Trek Voyager, Spin City, Seven Days, The Practice and Grey's Anatomy] as Marshall's dad Edgar, the super hot Julie Condra [from The Wonder Years, Married With Children and Weird Science] as Marshall's sister Syndi, Gregory Itzin [from 24, Voyagers!, Street Hawk, Max Headroom, Night Court, Quantum Leap, Strange Luck, Players, Early Edition, The Practice and Friends] as the mayor of Eerie, John Astin [from The Addams Family, Fantasy Island, Mr. Boogedy, Night Court, Duckman and The Frighteners] as the real Radford, and Jason Marsden [from The Gummi Bears, Shnookums and Meat Funny Cartoon Show, Superman TAS, Justice League and Fun With Dick and Jane].

.Along with a cool cast, the stories are great too, including one that shows where lost stuff goes, a kid who can hear what dogs are thinking, and one where an artificially intelligent ATM makes friends with Simon and gives him lots of money. Most episodes have a great Twilight Zone or Outer Limits vibe to them, and only a few episodes are less than fantastic! Eerie Indiana isn't just a kids show, anyone who likes good tv should love it. It was cancelled after just one season but the reruns were very popular a few years later so they tried to do "The Other Dimension" but it didn't have the coolness of the original. The Eerie Indiana logo will link to the cool site I'm working on.
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Attention, Eerie Indiana fans! The first two seasons of House of Anubis are free on Amazon Prime UK, and all four of them are available to buy on Amazon Video. Excuse me while I go "Aaaahhhh! Aaaahhhh!" for a few minutes...


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