Mar. 24th, 2017

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It's Friday, Eerie fans, and it's a great time to look back on all the sweet fanworks you've created over the years. Why not revisit some sweet artwork, admire someone's crafting efforts or leave an appreciative comment on an uploaded video?
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The sound of gunfire echoed down the quiet streets of early-morning Eerie. Sat at the Teller’s kitchen table, Simon and Marshall turned as one to stare at the toaster that sat on the kitchen counter amid a sea of crumbs. The toaster, for it’s part, continued turning two halves of an English muffin into two blackened lumps of carbon.

“Mail’s here,” said Syndi, spreading butter on a ragged square of charcoal. She rose on tiptoe to peer over the greenery that half-obscured the view from the kitchen window. “And that big dog’s come back again.”

Marshall choked on his juice.

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