Apr. 4th, 2017

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Buttermilk pancakes with pink and blue icing infinity symbol, and bubblegum hot chocolate with whipped cream and pink and blue sparkles.

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3D printed jackalope skull by Kelpie Creations.

Glittery blue jackalope skull by Curiology (get 10% off your first order by entering your email address).

Foreverware mug by me.
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With the release of the Goosebumps movie, I have been re-visiting some episodes (I was a fan of the books and the show). While watching some of my favorite episodes, I was reminded of another TV series I really enjoyed as a child : Eerie, Indiana.

This short-lived show (only 19 episodes) aired for the first time in 1991 but gained more popularity when re-runs were broadcasted on Fox Kids. Eerie, Indiana also aired in the mid-nineties in my country and that’s when I discovered it.

Marshall Teller and his family move from New Jersey to Indiana, in a small town called Eerie. But Eerie is not your average country town. It is, as Marshall puts it, “the center of weirdness for the entire planet”. Strange events occur on a weekly basis in Eerie, Indiana and it is up to Marshall and his friend Simon to investigate and gather evidence.

Re-watching shows you used to love as a child is tricky as you often end up disappointed. However, this was not the case with Eerie, Indiana. The show holds up quite well, even by today’s standards. Of course, I started watching out of nostalgia but ended up watching all 19 episodes in the span of 2 days and fell in love with the show again.

Eerie, Indiana is superior to Goosebumps in my opinion. The acting is quite good for a children television series and the stories are interesting. The most recognizable face in the show is Omri Katz, best known for playing the main character in Hocus Pocus.

One of the strongest point of the show is its great atmosphere : it is Twin Peaks for kids ! Having the episodes being partly narrated by Marshall, as he writes in his journal, is a great choice and really gives a good rhythm to the stories. The show also has a lot of references to horror pop culture, which put a smile on my face every time !

I watched the show online but loved it so much, I ordered the Eerie, Indiana DVD Boxset. Though the entire series is worth watching, here are three episodes I recommend :

Episode 1 | Foreverware : A great introduction to the series in which Marshall and Simon must investigate a very special type of container that keeps things…and people…fresh forever ! This episode was imaginative and fun and is a great start to the series.

Episode 8 | Dead Letter : Marshall finds an old letter and upon opening it, a young man appears and harasses Marshall until he delivers the letter. A classic tale of tragic lovers and ghosts. This episode also guest stars a young Tobey Maguire.

Episode 13 | The Broken Record : Marshall’s friend is struggling with a verbally-abusive father until he discovers a rock band and his behavior changes dramatically. This is a heavy subject for a children television series and they handled it quite well. Also, the concept of secret messages recorded on vinyl records is incorporated in the story in a very smart manner.
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Note: This is the last fic announcement I will be posting to the LJ version this comm, because the LJ version of my journal is going away. This story and all other Eerie fic I write will continue to be hosted on AO3. I'll also keep posting at DW, including in the DW Eerie Community.

Finally back with a new update!

Roller Rink on the Edge of Forever, Chapter 7: On the Edge of Disaster

"And don't stake anything," added Simon.

"Especially not if it's Dash," said Marshall. Then under his breath, "Unless you have to."

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By now most of you will already have had the pop-up regarding Livejournal's new "User Agreement." The English-language version can be found here, and I've copy-pasted it onto my own LJ here.

As you can see, the English-language version of the User Agreement is topped and tailed by a banner stating that the translated version (which is the one I had to agree to in order to log in and post this morning) is not legally binding. The link to the original (which is in Russian, and which the banner states is legally binding) is here.

I've also put the Russian-language version on my own LJ, though I'm not sure how well IE is going to parse Cyrillic:

I ran the Russian-language version through Google Translate and you can find the translation of that version here.

I am not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV. I'm not sure that having someone sign a document that states it isn't legally binding means anything, even if you are providing a link to another document hosted on a separate page in a different language that *is* legally binding. However, I do think that would be cold comfort for most LJ users who find their accounts deleted or purged because SUP held that they had violated the terms of service in some way.

That's why I wanted to remind everyone about the Eerie Indiana community on Dreamwidth. It's basically a mirror of the LJ comm, except YouTube embedding doesn't work, you can't schedule entries in advance, and embedding Tweets show text and no pictures. For this reason, I will continue to use and update the [livejournal.com profile] eerie_indiana livejournal community, but I will try to get better about importing updates to DW on a daily basis.

Hopefully I'll see you there!


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