Apr. 28th, 2017

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It's Friday, Eerie fans, and it's a great time to look back on all the sweet fanworks you've created over the years. Why not revisit some sweet artwork, admire someone's crafting efforts or leave an appreciative comment on an uploaded video?
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It's the 28th of the month, and that means it's officially time to talk about all those non-Eerie fandoms that, despite taking place outside of Eerie city limits, still remind you of the centre of weirdness for the entire planet.

Tell us about the latest episode of Welcome to Nightvale, your ideas for a Gravity Falls crossover, or what Twin Peaks's Andy Brennan would think of Eerie's Officer Knight. Caught up on Lumberjanes or Paper Girls? Tell us about it. Still not caught up on Eureka, Haven or Sleepy Hollow? Ask us about it. Wondering how Mister Radford and Skip from the 'Burbs would get along if they met in ice-cream making school? Me too!
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Put "Witches of East End" on in the background so Netflix can entertain me while I'm doing some chores. Literally two minutes into it when a lady in red shows up on screen and says "I'm not anxious, I know Dash is the one, I love him so much."

Sorry, show. You might be fine, but that red dress lady isn't Marshall Teller and as a result you have weirded me the fuck out. Stranger Things rewatch it is.

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