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Independence Day has come to Eerie; now's your chance to tell everyone exactly what that looks like!
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A celebration of fireworks, BBQ and Will Smith fighting off an alien invasion is only one month away, fans. Time to think about what Eerie would want to be free from, what kind of meat is charring on the grill, and exactly what is tied to that rocket at the centre of the set piece...
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Time to eat some BBQ, let off a bunch of bottle rockets and share your fanworks, Eerie fans!
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We're just a month away from America's independance day. How does Eerie celebrate? Human BBQ? Fireworks launched by real dragons? Let us know!
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I've been scheduling prompt/challenge posts all evening, so apologies if you saw a few posts appearing and then vanishing again a few seconds later - I kept forgetting to put in future dates, because occasionally I am a numpty.

Anyway, here's a rough guide to upcoming prompt/challenge posts on the comm:

A weekly random prompt post, to go live on Sundays, which... could be anything.

A full moon prompt post, to go live, well, the night of a full moon.

A creature feature prompt post, to go live on the 7th of each month, each one themed around a particular type of movie monster.

A fairytales prompt post, to go live on the 21st of each month, with a particular fairytale as it's theme.

A solstice prompt post, to go live the night of the summer and winter solstice. The clue to it's theme is in the name.

An equinox prompt post, to go live the night of the spring and autumnal equinox. Works like the solstice prompt, only in March and September.

All of these challenges are permanently open once posted, and do not have a post-on or post-by date. You wanna write midwinter solstice fic in July, or get the urge to make art for an old monster prompt from six moths ago? Go for it. Once it's ready, post it up and share your awesomeness with the world.

Holiday themed challenges work a bit differently - these will go up before the holiday in question, and then you post your work on the actual day of the holiday. Holidays scheduled so far are:

Halloween (goes live 1st October, posting date 31st October)
Thanksgiving (goes live 1st November, posting date 26th November)
Christmas (goes live 1st December, posting date 25th December)
Valentines (goes live 1st February, posting date 14th February)
Easter (goes live 1st March, posting date 3rd April)
4th of July (goes live 4th June, posting date 4th July)

Sadly, this year we are only 5 days away from the Harvest Festival, so there wasn't time to get a proper challenge started, but it's Sunday 27th September this year, and next year, the prompt post will go live on September 1st and the posting date will be September 25th.

Also, prompt ideas. Stuff you'd like to see as prompts. Let me know and I'll use them for the weekly ones, or start up one of your own. Or, if you have a prompt you want filling, head on over to the Better Weird Than Dead Fic Fest and request it! May e fill a few requests while you're there - theres a bunch of really awesome prompts hiding in the commentd that are just looking to take root in your brainmeats.


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