Apr. 29th, 2017

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Take a look at the pictures and tell me the Bureau of Lost doesn't have a bunch of these things.
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I just got a package from RobynLeesArtwork, the Etsy shop that is selling the sweet Marshall Teller Evidence Locker key necklace. Check out the awesome below the cut:

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And added bonus, the girl with the creepy clown doll who haunted tiny night-restless me back in the day:

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Out in the real world, I work with a lovely man who just had a milestone birthday and who also sports a truly glorious moustache. Think Ned Flanders crossed with Starchy from Adventure Time and Rich McGuff from King Falls AM (canonically described as "a young Tom Selleck"). While he was on holiday, I decorated his desk with some appropriately hirsute chocolate lollipops, and when I opened the box of edible shapes I was instantly reminded of "Max" the surveyor from Dead Letter. Tell me I'm wrong, guys:

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