May. 3rd, 2017

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What have you been working on this week, Eerie fans? Now's the time to spread the word about any fannish treats you've got cooking: a line of dialogue from an upcoming fic, linework for your latest art piece, the yarn colours for a new toy. Let us know in the comments!
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Eerie is a town with issues. Whether it's shitty parenting, missing kids, the fact that the spectre of death haunts every pint of milk left on your doorstep or just an overly-amorous hominid pursuing a relationship with you against your will, the people in Eerie have problems, and they need help.

For this challenge, write a letter to an advice column from the POV of one of Eerie's beleaguered citizens, or the reply they might receive. Maybe you could write both, or maybe you could reply to someone else's cry for help.
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I'm doing Eerie, Indiana fills for the [community profile] fffc 30 Prompts = 30 Sentences challenge over at my journal.

The rules: "In May it will be your mission to write 1-sentence-stories for given prompts. Longer fills are not accepted, but you are free to abuse dashes and semicolons if needed ;)"

The Full Prompt Table

Fills So Far
Pairing(s) so far: Dash/Mars
Ratings: T-to-M (will upgrade if fills warrant)
Additional tags: Future Fic

1. against the wall
2. all day naked
3. burning desire
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Scheduled to arrive in stores: May 3, 2017

Cover date: July 2017

“Black Dawn” – Part 3

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi & Patrick Gleason
Penciller: Doug Mahnke
Inker: Jaime Mendoza & Ray McCarthy
Cover: Ryan Sook
Variant Cover: Jorge Jimenez & Alejandro Sanchez

Reviewed by: Adam Dechanel

With Superman hunting for Batman in the swamp and Jon and Damian in tow, Lois is feeling a little like a third wheel.

Spotting a fire on the horizon she goes to investigate and discovers the tree marking Goldie’s grave on fire.

Worried that a place of significance to the Kents has been burnt down Lois heads over to the Branden Farm but when they deny knowledge of it, Lois smells a rat and makes her way into town in hopes of finding her boys.

Lois spots Candice, who was severely wounded during the giant octopus attack, seemingly unharmed. A curious Lois follows but is horrified to find a hub network of CCTV camera’s all fixated on the Kents. Making a quick escape Lois heads back to the Kent Farm only to find Candice has beaten her home and several key townsfolk are waiting for her with a sinister purpose.

Superman meanwhile makes his way to the heart of the house in the swamp and is shocked to discover glass cylinders housing Batman and several of the townsfolk captive!

To Be Continued…

Story – 4: Hamilton County was a nice nod to Smallville but it was always a little on the weird side, it had an Eerie, Indiana vibe to it from the very beginning.

As the town and it’s citizens begin to show their true colors it seems that Lois, Clark & Jon have been duped from day one. Black Dawn has neatly brought together several strands of their lives as the Smiths and neatly woven them together. I spotted the clowns that tried to rob the fair, S.H.A.D.E. members, Frankenstein and the Bride as well as Bruce and Damian, so the Kents are not the only victims.

Of course this is all gearing towards the aftermath of Superman Reborn and their return full time to Metropolis but it’s being done in a stylish and intriguing way. Plus having Lois step out and remind us she’s more than meets the eye is always welcome. As much as I’ve liked their time on the Farm the person who seems most out of place is Lois, I long for her to return to her investigative roots.

In the meantime I am really enjoying this strange dark X-Files style twist to this small town and am eager to discover its secrets.

Art – 4: I’m not so sure about the look of the townsfolk, they have that slight cartoonish ‘rubber’ look Todd McFarlane was famous for in Spider-man and Spawn.

Perhaps their odd look was supposed to add to their sinister appeal, it worked I thought they were more creepy than endearing.

It was really nice to see Lois take centre stage and Mahnke’s dynamic pages showcasing the intrepid reporter were superb, I loved seeing her in action. I didn’t miss Superman for a second that’s also down to some good writing.

Cover Art – 5: Heat vision poses are divisive in the fan community. Angry glowing eyes, usually with Superman in shadows, are an artists go to for Superman looking mean. Here we see the full explosive force of his vision powers but rather than looking tired we have a perspective and though it isn’t part of the story we have a little narrative. Sook has delivered a superb cover.

Variant Cover Art – 4: So here we have Jon sporting the angry glowing eyes but we also have a narrative, is Jimenez hinting that Jon’s shadow is alive… is this foreshadowing more of what Bessie’s milk is capable of? apart from taking out Batman of course!
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The junction box on Sixth Street thrummed with life, the utilitarian grey metal casing vibrating with the force of the current coursing beneath it. A hand-written note, held in place with the liberal application of sellotape, fluttered on the front of it.

"To the person who found my glasses on the street last Wednesday and left them here for me to find: thank you."

The Unkind Ones' newest prospects, the fraternal triplets Findo, Fetcho and Recovero, knelt on the sticky and scorching asphalt as they carefully cut the raggedy-edged page free of it's bindings. Around them, the fully-patched members of Eerie's most notorious biker gang waited in reverend silence.

With a last staticky ripping noise, the letter was free. The prospects folded it once, twice, then turned in a well-choreographed semi-circle and handed it to Billy Millions.

"It is found," said Fetcho.

"It is found," intoned the rest of the Brotherhood.

Billy Millions blushed to the roots of his magnificent beard as he accepted the offering. The Unkind Ones cheered and clapped, and several competing dad-rock ballads began blaring from half a dozen portable radios.

Unseen amidst the celebration, Mister Lodgepoole misappropriated several skull-and-crossbone decals from various motorcycles, scowling furiously.

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