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Holy corn, you guys, I just tried updating the Fanfiction Masterpost with the latest entries, and for the second time while indexing this comm I ran out of space on the post. You guys, please, take a moment to digest exactly how awesome you are - you are so awesome, I ran out of room while listing your awesomeness.

So, I have had to split the fic masterlist into two parts for now, A-F by author here, and G-Z over here.

Eerie, Indiana fanfiction at Archive of Our Own

Better Weird than Dead, an Eerie, Indiana FicFest at [ profile] eerie_indiana

Eerie, Indiana fanfiction at

Eerie, Indiana crossovers at

Author: And I
Author: And I )

Author: ChibiMarchy
Author: ChibiMarchy )

Author: Dancinbutterfly
Author: Dancinbutterfly )

Author: Deifire
Author: Deifire )

Author: EerieSlash
Author: EerieSlash )

Author: Eviinsanemonkey
Author: Eviinsanemonkey )

Author: Froodle
Author: Froodle )

Author: Ftrbestseller
Author: Ftrbestseller )
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Weekly Challenges

A new prompt posted every Sunday. No sign-ups are required, there's no set time for prompts to be filled, and all types of fanworks (fic, art, icons, photos, etc) are welcome.

Read more... )

Monthly Challenges: Creature Feature

Posted on the 7th of each month, a challenge based around a classic movie monster. You can fill any challenge at any time, with no sign-up requirement, and with whatever fanwork takes your fancy.

Read more... )

Monthly Challenges: Background

On the 14th of every month, we pick one element from the background of the show and base a challenge around it. You don't need to sign up, fanworks of any kind are welcome, and all challenges remain open indefinitely.Read more... )

Monthly Challenges: Fairytales

Posted on the 21st of each month, we'll prompt you with a traditional fairytale, to interpret it however you like. As with our other monthly challenges, you do not need to sign up before posting your fanworks, and there's no time-limit on filling challenges from previous months.Read more... )

Monthly Challenges: Non-Canon

On the 28th of each month, we encourage our members to talk about any books, TV shows, movies, comics, podcasts or artwork that, while not part of the Eerie, Indiana canon, might appeal to your fellow Eerie fans. Of course, you are welcome to post your Gravity Falls/Eerie, Indiana crossover, or react to the latest episode of Carmilla, or share pics of your new Lumberjanes shirt at any time on this comm; this is just a reminder, and a chance to discover and squeal over some new fandoms in a specific post.Read more... )

Monthly Challenges: Full Moon

A public safety announcement to the comm on the day of a full moon, to watch out for werewolves, hares, beautiful maidens with dead white skin, tidal waves and mass hysteria. Also, if you wanted to create some fanworks about any of that stuff, or any other images you associate with the full moon, that would be great too.Read more... )

Seasonal Challenges

In addition to regular weekly and monthly challenge posts, we have a few seasonal ones throughout the year.Read more... )


Sep. 21st, 2015 10:39 pm
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Welcome to the Eerie, Indiana community on Dreamwidth! Thank you for stopping by, and congratulations on your excellent taste in kids’ TV from the early nineties.

This post will eventually contain links to all the fanworks, challenges, prompts, memes, series rewatches, character discussions, episode discussions, interesting interviews or news articles, and everything else you might need to know about the Eerie fandom in general or [profile] eerie_indiana in particular.

It is currently unfinished and likely to remain a work in progress as this fandom is amazing and creates new fanworks faster than I can tag or index them.

In the meantime, I suggest you check out our "fanworks" and "comm event" tags to see what is on offer. Consider starting with a trip to Better Weird Than Dead: An Eerie, Indiana Fic Fest, a quick look at the information below, and maybe working up some tasty fandom treats of your own?

Introduction and Guide )

Comm Events: Rewatch 2015
Read more... )

Comm Events: Hocus Pocus Halloween Rewatch 2015
Read more... )

Comm Events: 25th Anniversary Rewatch 2016
Read more... )

Comm Events: Hocus Pocus Halloween Rewatch 2016
Read more... )

Comm Events: Prompts and Challenges
Read more... )

Fanworks: Art
Read more... )

Fanworks: Cosplay
Read more... )

Fanworks: Craft
Read more... )

Fanworks: Fic

Eerie, Indiana fanfiction A - F by Author (opens in new window)

Eerie, Indiana fanfiction G - Z by Author (opens in new window)

Fanworks: Filk

Read more... )

Fanworks: Icons
Read more... )

Fanworks: Meme
Read more... )

Fanworks: Music Vids
Read more... )

Fanworks: Pics
Read more... )

Fanworks: Podcasts
Read more... )

Fanworks: Podfic
Read more... )

Fanworks: Poetry
Read more... )

Fanworks: Reviews
Read more... )

Fanworks: Roleplay
Read more... )

Fanworks: Song Mix
Read more... )

Fanworks: Videos
Read more... )

Fanworks: Transformative Works Policy
Read more... )

Fanworks: wavs
Read more... )

Read more... )

Read more... )


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