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It's the 7th of the month, and that means... CREATURE FEATURE!

Give us fic, give us fanart, give us whatever springs to your mind when you think of our monster of the month:

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The Dance Contest

this one was fun. Places I messed up: The "Burn" bit made me laugh. And then I said "uniform" instead of "unicorn" at the end...probably shouldn't podfic after long day of longness

but Deifire's amazing melanie/mars/devon fic is calling my naaaame

maybe tomorrow

maybe I'll sip my cocoa and watch eerie and work on my own fic instead...
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Pay Attention
Text Parts 1-5:
Text Part 6:
Text Side Story:

Thank you to Froodle and Deifire for letting me play with their fics, by the way. It's been super fun and I'm psyched to have Eerie fic to listen to while Crocheting (even if it's in my own voice...which should be weird but kind of isn't).

I was going to do Gingerbread tonight, too (have it all recorded and everything) but omg editing Pay Attention was a pain 'cause I fail and mess up a lot and I should probably go to bed as I'm still not 100% better...

Also, by the way? THIS IS BASICALLY THE LENGTH OF AN EPISODE. Which is pretty freaking awesome. And according to Froodle I'd already done 46 minutes of Eerie fic before this so like. HOLY SHIT GUYS. We basically took over the show. like. Legit. there is enough Eerie fic on the internet for MULTIPLE EPISODES.

Pretty sure if the Eerie fans decided to we could make our own damn Eerie continuation...

um. AN EERIE PODCAST?! Where like. Simon, Dash, and Mars create a subversive radio station when Chisel's plans start working out and shit goes all out into OMFG DON'T LET US DIE territory? And Syndi is their like...story writer because she took one look at Mars's first news bulletin and was like "No." and rewrote the whole thing?

Also it's location moves and Radford helps them because there are like. Weird portal things all over Eerie and he can help them go places. And like. A series of eps that have to be transmitted from the Bureau of Lost with ENTIRELY lost items because Chisel's too close and they literally have to get lost for awhile?!

Are we organized enough for this?

I'm way too tired and should stop typing but the audio is still uploading...


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