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That year, the temporal river trickled brown and sluggish between the dusty banks of high summer. Travellers ran their time canoes aground amidst the treacherous shallows of the never-was, their shrivelled corpses baking to ever-lasting beef jerky beneath the eternal August sun. Others find themselves menaced by Timeosaurs when their dino-proof twine became dry and brittle in the heat, and roasted slowly within cocoons of Time Foil that were meant to protect them.

The Milkmen ferried the few survivors back to the present in the back of their refrigerated trucks, dust and sweat besmirching the cool crisp lines of their well-starched white uniforms. The sacred Dairy Cow gazed out at their struggle with all three of her cobalt-blue eyes, but she existed only in the liminal spaces between the clock change and could not interfere for months. Every day, the fifty-foot billboard that showed the Days Since Last Lost Time Injury was reset to zero, and the deep red glow of it's illuminated numbers shone like bloodied failure over the assembled dairy disseminators.

The Garbage Mens' lips were a thin pale line, the edges of their stolen flesh-suits pressed tight to conceal the maw behind. Still, in private, they grinned.

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Written for the [ profile] fffc First Froday Madness Special. The theme of the challenge was "minor characters and rare pairs".

Title: Populace
Fandom: Eerie, Indiana
Minor Character/s: The Eerie High School Basketball Team, the Unkind Ones, Bert and Ernie Wilson, the Creepy Garbage Guys, Janet Donner, Mayor Chisel, the Canine Arrest Team, the widow of Mister Dithers the Dog Catcher, some background members of the Canine Revolution, Miss Eerie and her Court, the older brother of either Nick or Eddie, Stanley Binkerman, Officer Derek, somebody from the Eerie Dairy, a delivery boy for the Eerie Examiner, a gun-toting mailman and (maybe) Fred Suggs.
Rating: PG
Words: ~1500
Challenge: FMS01: Minor Character
Summary: A normal, average, unremarkable day in Eerie
A/N: I couldn't pick one minor character to write about, so I went into the tag page, looked at the least-used character tags, and went from there

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Eerie, Indiana – tape 1548

I don’t think I’ve watched Eerie, Indiana before, but it’s executive producer is Joe Dante, so I’m hoping it’ll be fun.

In the first episode, our young heroes find an old letter in an old book, open it, and awakens Tobey Maguire from the past.

Marshall’s family love Maguire when he turns up, and they’re upset when Marshall banishes him from the house.

There’s a trippy dream sequence.

Maguire asks Marshall to deliver the letter, one he failed to deliver years before, to the love of his life, and there’s a happy ending when they manage to find her.

In the next episode, Marshall meets a girl called Sara Bob, who has a lot of very unruly brothers.

She’s an artist, and things she draws become real. He’s just had his bike stolen, so she draws it, and it’s back outside the store they’re in.

I’m enjoying the little touches, like the police patrol car with far too many aerials on the roof.

This one almost has a quite melancholy ending. And the credits play on the family all being called Something-Bob.

Next episode has Marshall annoyed that Indiana doesn’t have daylight saving time, so he sets his watch back, stranding him an hour before the rest of the town.

He’s rescued from the evil garbagemen who are cleaning up the town, by an old milkman, and he ends up on a milk carton in the regular time.

In the next episode, there’s a new museum in town, dedicated to Eerie’s weirdness, but the mayor, Gregory Itzin, doesn’t like it.

Next we meet Matt Frewer as a Tornado chaser who believes Tornados are alive.

We also learn that Eerie’s sister town is Normal, Illinois.

In the next episode, the owner of the World of Stuff (Archie Hahn) is revealed as an imposter, and the real owner is restored, played by John Astin. I wonder if they just felt like recasting a recurring character, and came up with an Eerie, Indiana way to do it.

In the last episode, every year the town picks a Harvest King, and the honour includes being fed to a werewolf.

What a great little show this is.

After this, recording stops, and underneath there’s a short segment of a German gameshow called Riskier Was which looks like it was a version of the US show Wipeout. Recording stops after a minute or so of this.
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Guys! There is an episode of Gortimer Gibbons where Ranger winds an antique pocket watch too tight and ends up time-shifted and out of sync with the rest of Normal Street. There is totally a contingent of the evil trash collectors working Normal Street.
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Pay Attention
Text Parts 1-5:
Text Part 6:
Text Side Story:

Thank you to Froodle and Deifire for letting me play with their fics, by the way. It's been super fun and I'm psyched to have Eerie fic to listen to while Crocheting (even if it's in my own voice...which should be weird but kind of isn't).

I was going to do Gingerbread tonight, too (have it all recorded and everything) but omg editing Pay Attention was a pain 'cause I fail and mess up a lot and I should probably go to bed as I'm still not 100% better...

Also, by the way? THIS IS BASICALLY THE LENGTH OF AN EPISODE. Which is pretty freaking awesome. And according to Froodle I'd already done 46 minutes of Eerie fic before this so like. HOLY SHIT GUYS. We basically took over the show. like. Legit. there is enough Eerie fic on the internet for MULTIPLE EPISODES.

Pretty sure if the Eerie fans decided to we could make our own damn Eerie continuation...

um. AN EERIE PODCAST?! Where like. Simon, Dash, and Mars create a subversive radio station when Chisel's plans start working out and shit goes all out into OMFG DON'T LET US DIE territory? And Syndi is their like...story writer because she took one look at Mars's first news bulletin and was like "No." and rewrote the whole thing?

Also it's location moves and Radford helps them because there are like. Weird portal things all over Eerie and he can help them go places. And like. A series of eps that have to be transmitted from the Bureau of Lost with ENTIRELY lost items because Chisel's too close and they literally have to get lost for awhile?!

Are we organized enough for this?

I'm way too tired and should stop typing but the audio is still uploading...
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Eerie headcanon #15: the Bureau of Lost and the Unkind Ones are engaged in a decades-old clandestine conflict, in which the Bureau surreptitiously steal- uh, I mean, misappropriates- the property of American citizens in order to boost the economy, and the Unkind Ones track lost items down and return them to their rightful owners as a way of sticking it to "the man".

Also, related: the creepy garbage guys from the Lost Hour, and the entire concept of a sixty minute time slip into which things can disappear and never be seen again, are part of the Bureau's operations. Janet Donner was totally on the list to be "misplaced."
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Eerie Indiana headcanon #11: the creepy garbage guys are what becomes of the kids who respond especially well to Nurse Nancy's "eye exams."


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